Friday, July 3, 2009

He and I !

I refused to start,
I refrained from stepping in;
He held my hand and led me in!
My first ever fall while riding

I quivered in pain and shivered to rise;
He gave me the courage and the power to arise.

I had a tiff with a friend,
It ached my heart, I cried;
He was aware, yet maturely only supported!
Despite his negations,
I walked onto unsuccessful directions;
He unsaid,assured in me his convictions!

I spoke to him about all the gossips
Sinfully hid some of my own feelings
He all-knowing, stood by and patted in his consents.
Today, I hate to see you helpless Daddy.
My united pillar and the strength of my spine,
I want to say I love you for "Being there"!
I vow to you, I will be there for you!

Love you dearest darling Dad!!
Gauri/ Jyothi!

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Veda Murthy said...

hey jo all alrite there with ur dad?