Thursday, April 10, 2008

Words we use...

Sometime during my third year of UG, we visited a school for the mentally retarded called Amulya.
Children much older than us by age,simple and innocent.Doing things that we used to do during our childhood and summer camps.
They were making candles that light our lives.
They were making foot mats that help make our houses[lives] anti-slip.
It touched me!Tears swelled my eyes and rendered me speechless.

In Psychological terms these children are called Idiots, Morons and Imbiciles, depending upon their IQ levels.
I realised how casually we use these words as fad lingos to address people who sometimes don't seem to get us right or do things rightly.
It is like demeaning these little children who are as naive as a bud or as fresh as a morning dew.

I thought this was worth sharing with you all!
I won the second prize for sharing this experience with friends on!

Take care and talk right!


Journey’s never arduous!!

Journey’s never arduous!!

Amidst crowds, amidst bareness
Tall; vibrant; and handsome
Flamboyant; cow-boyish;
You stand extending your hands’ warmth.
Clasping them, journey’s not arduous.

The tinkle in the eye, Oh! Mine.
The blushing and an all-saying smile;
The beauty sprung from no where…
Flower like happiness blooms
Bestowed by You, journey’s not arduous.

An ice-cold temperament;
An ever lovable trick of tongue;
Self-sustainable; ‘right’ head;
Bewitching sensuality; That’s thou!!
Completeness guaranteed, journey’s not arduous.

A straight-walker into me,
No negation, rendered have I all to you.
You are tantalizing with novelty
My morale booster you, confidence champion,
With your presence, journey’s never arduous!

Indebted, I am to you, for life-times…
With a wholesome passion to pen
A travelogue of life-long togetherness
An enriching bond of ‘ Us’
If this is ever reality, then life’s arduousness would be meaningless!!