Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bookie cookie!

I finally decided to take a break from all the net surfing and cooking!! Planning to finally complete the book I have been reading for a long long time now.
I have never liked reading novels, too much fiction is something I have never liked. I also, do not belong to the voracious readers' clan as well.
After reading, 'A Golden Age' by Tahmima Anam, I am addicted to reading. This is the perfect blend of fiction and reality. I would say more of a realistic writing than of fiction.
Trust me, I couldnt get my hands off this book till I finally finished it! Was it addictive???you bet!!
Thanks to Dada's friend Anand, who was reading this book and I by chance happened to read a bit and couldnt let it go :)))). Thank you Anand!
My interest grew and Dada got me a book of a similar topic that I am reading, 'Half of a Yellow Sun', by Chimananda Ngozi Adichie[an African writer].
It got a little too monotonous inbetween...but now,I can't let go the book even for a minute! Its a novel that has given to the world the vagaries of the Dark continent[Ref. Chinua Achebe and Joseph Conrad] and the oppression.
Struggles of 'Biafrans' to become an independent nation. The tribal tales of the local Igbo people, their struggle for survival.
When I began reading, the fascination portrayed by a young tribal house-boy to the numerous home appliances, running water from the tap, books, etc...reminded me of the movie, 'Gods must be crazy'.
She, the author has very beautifully described every intricate detail that will aid the reader in picturising the faces of the characters in the novel to even the surroundings and even feel the heat of every moment that the characters go through.
Splendid, I suppose, is an understatement.
This is the gist of the book while I am still amidst the second half of the novel. I promise to tell you more when I finish reading!
Take care and if you get hold of this book anytime,do read it.
I will tell you more about the both the books once I am back.
For now, wish me happy reading!!
Please do suggest me any books on similar lines[reality based fiction]that I can possibly find here.

Picture Rice!!

Surprised to see Picture rice??? Chitra means Picture in Sanskrit.
This category is for various simple and instant rice delicacies or Chitra Anna[literally translated as Picture Rice]
For all the new entrants to the kitchen, here are some tips and universal rules that will help you make rice dishes.

For all south Indian Tempering[oggarane/tadka],

1. Mustard seeds- 1 tablespoon
2. Channa dal/Kadale bele - 1 tablespoon
3. Urad dal/Uddina bele - 1 tablespoon
4. Groudnuts[optional,quinessential for all ogre or chitra anna or bath]
5. Curry leaves
6.Green chillies
7. Onion [optional, tastes good for Chitra anna]
8. Lime-- if available. It tastes authentic if it is available!

9. Turmeric ---very very essential for Lime rice or Chitra anna!

[Garlic, tomato, capsicum, grated coconut are all optional]

Each ingrdient adds its own taste. So one can cook according to his or her taste!!

How do i make it???

  • Make rice and keep it ready.

  • Take a pan. Add oil and add all the ingredients meant for tempering. While thats getting done...add turmeric and salt.

  • Mix it with Rice and Squeeze lime to it!!

  • The Secret is the Right quantities of Chillies, salt and lime.

  • If you are adding tomatoes,then you might want to omit lime.

Best made with left over rice...as you already have rice ready!!
Will post more in the coming days,