Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Taming the Turmoil

Taming the turmoil

Akin to the feeling I had in the past time
Rebuilding the shackles of the scattered prime
Inducing a manifested priority that binds the fragments
Into a redundant and fragile union that demands prudence.

The repercussions are unknown and thus the action uncertain.
Agreeing to disagree is impossibility as like-mindedness is diffused.
Deplorable events charge at lightning speed
Destiny of the liaison unknown.

Do I want this? I wonder.
Mingling answers assail my mind.
Over the various genres that feelings bind, I ponder,
What we sow, will we reap the same?

Against the leaping tides I pierce my arm-actions,
And juggle with the ravaging waters to attain my feat.
“To be or not to be”, I feel like Hamlet,
Success is a mystery that continues to remain obscure!