Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Yippeee my birthday it is :)

A year lost from our life span, a year closer to death, so why celebrate?? If thats what you think it is...then you are mistaken my dear.

A birthday is a day to celebrate your successful completion of yet another year on this earth! A day to celebrate with your loved ones, for having been around for the past one year and a hope that they will continue to be there for the next years to come! A simple way of showing your gratitude is by giving them all a treat to what ever extent possible!

It is a day you thank God and pamper yourself!! Give yourself a nice treat and make yourself feel reallly good about your own self! Buying new clothes only means novelty should settle in life for another year and bring prosperity and happiness!

Love to the world that has made me what I am today!

Cheers to life!




veda murthy said...

many many happy returns of the day and hope u have a rocking day today!!!!!!

gaurav said...

hello ma'am
i liked ur post a lot, ur post really made me think abt the special day in my life

Thank u very much.....

Sujyothi said...

Thanks gaurav!
Thanks for visiting! Do visit again!