Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I caused hurt...

Amidst all the joy, knowledge and smiles I spread all day, i hurt my student today and although it was an unintentional mistake, it has upset me quite a lot. I had never made anyone cry and he did. I know it was not totally my fault, but it has hurt me a lot. I cant imagine i hurt him.
The true culprit never showed up and i gave a big round of blasting session. When the true culprit actually turned himself out, i got quite upset and apologised to him. I apologised and just walked out of the class. I dont know whether its going to change anything in that class, it definitely will to me.
What happened was wrong, and things were just getting out of hand, me being in the position that demanded me to take some action, i gave them some harsh words. No doubt they had to get it. They left me with no choice as despite many warnings they hadn't changed.

When i realised that i had targetted the wrong guy and the actual culprit or the reason for this was happy and laughing, while the innocent one cried, it hurt me to no end. I only could apologise to him and did that more than once and just walked out. Upset with myself and feeling extremely sorry for that boy.

Dear God, if you are there somewhere, please forgive me for what I did. Although unintentional, a mistake is a mistake. I feel deeply sorry for this. Hope i can make up for this. Will tell you if i do.