Monday, May 18, 2009

Love for Bangalore!

Hmmm...having left Singaporean daily expeditions a little behind, I want to share with you the things that make me myself!
Not long ago, I hated to come back to my Bangalore. Although it is the city i was born and brought up.It was a feeling that i dreaded so much..."Getting back home". Sounds weird, i know, but i just hated to get back.
Like i had the ability to change fate, we were back. After having lead a sedantry life{when it comes to work}, getting into a fully chaotic lifestyle was a task in itself.
I longed to be busy and to be doing something more constructive and productive. I wanted to be like myself, like i have always been in this city.
But situations and circumstances, well thats what is called "Kismat"!

Anyways, after nearly 8 whole months of frantically looking for a job, fighting against all odds, I finally did find one apt to my requirements and also fitting my family's n number of criteria.
And my brother-in-law said that teaching ran in my blood.
Yes, he was right:) My mom is a teacher, all my aunts have been teachers sometime or the other and hence, the instinct sort of ran in me too!!

I am glad i had it in me!! It is indeed the noblest profession of all and the most satifying career option!

This job has given me the Leader in me a strong platform where I rule, when students love you for what you are and your strengths are...its speechlessly satiating!!
This is probably the only profession where your performance review depends on someone else's performance where in even during the process of evaluation you are not involved!
I mean, the board exam papers also dont come to you for evaluation and a total stranger does it.
It is so different from the corporate set up where life is fake and more like a living hell.

I will never forget my previous job which taught me a harsh side of the Churlish Corporate world.
There were practically no human relations. Everything was to be done through Messenger.
A small doubt was supposed to im'ed even though the person whom you have to talk to is right in front of your cubicle. I felt it so impersonal. I realised i cant connect to some place like that. I needed an employee friendly environment. Money and facilities were great...but what would i do with all of those things when my primary requirement of job satisfaction wasn't there???

A lot of you may say, com'on, that's how the world works....but I wanted something hatke!!

And lo... I found one!! I remember talking to Dada - Shaumik da, once about my dream job!! Here, I am working in the place i have always felt it no different from home, yet being work place!

A special thanks to my family, my Principal and my Director, without whom, I wouldn't have been where I am today!!!

Its is probably one of the best things to happen to me after coming back to Bangalore!!
Finally, with my hands full of work all the time, i dont have time for a lot of people and time! So again I am a CITY GIRL now. I am a true Bangalorean now, some one who doesn't have time to do anything, some one who is free only on one and a half days in the whole week!!

Bangalore life is such that there is something or the other happening always. If not for anyone else, it will be something at our own homes!

My friends never ever had time for me during the week living so far away from mom's place.
I am now a true Bangalorean!! I also dont have time for a lot of things!!!

Bangalore, I love you! More on this in the next post!!



Sunday, May 17, 2009

College Challenges!

Hey all!

I have decided to pen my thoughts and experiences about my college and this time its standing on the other side of the class, as a lecturer! Everyday is a new challenge and my testing hours.
Every hour of class is my testing time! How much I yearn to write everyday,but just can't find enough time to jot!
This is one series I hope to gather time to dedicate myself to!

Will try and keep up this word!!



Parnika's birthday!

My little princess, the apple of our eye!! She turned 3 this month!! She talks and talks...besides all her other bubbly, jolly good activities!!

Love you doll!