Monday, November 10, 2008

EMI- Plastic money!!

A resonance of today it seemed like when i saw the trailors and read the title!! thats getting too linguistically inclined to describe a movie like EMI- Liya hai tho chukaana padega!

Despite reading bad reviews of this movie and seeing that more than half theatre was empty...we decided to go for it...and i think it was worth the time we sat through it!!

Star cast----

Sanjay Dutt, Arjun Rampal, Malaika Arora, Aashish Chaudhary, Neha Uberoi, Natasha Suri, Manoj Joshi, Pushkar Jog, Daya Shankar Pandey, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, and Urmila Matondkar.

Cast performance has been good and they of them have all done justice to their no talking about that:))!!

Getting to the story...Its about EMI like the title speaks of. The focus of the movie is on lives [many here] of common middle -class families and their desire to live a high-class lifestyle which neither suits their pockets nor their greeds. Desire is justified when it can be satiated within ones own means and the power to pay back!!

The whole story revolves around the head of a recovery agency- Goodluck Recovery Agency- Sanjay Dutt[ Sattar]. He has a few assistants and they together provide comic as well as the serious elements to the movie!!

Ab scene yeh hai ki loan liya hai, but EMI nahi diya after 6 months of all sorts of recovery measures, the lender bank finally goes to this agency. So, Sattar and his agents are trying to recover the loans! Here starts the real story...Sattar wants to be a politician and for that he has to be good in the public eye..unlike his current image of "a vasooli gunda".

This motive of his, acts as Sanjay's --Munnabhai of MBBS and Gandhigiri to show his real good self replica.

All his acts are not only to recover money, but also to understand the problems of people who are unable to repay and help them understand their duties and responsibilities for happy and fulfilling lives....besides repaying their loans!!!

Urmila is also stuck in the same mess of loans for a purpose..shhh..thats suspense!Sanju baba falls in love with her and there..the story takes a nicer bend and mellows the gunda and makes him slightly sophisticated!!!

The rest of the story is for you to watch and enjoy..I am not going to reveal any more.

A message is what i think the movie conveys and has to be heeded by all.

Please do consider understanding the depths of the intention behind making this sort of a movie. These days whether we can repay or not...just because we want to live a fancy life that doesnt not fit their pockets we go out of our way to live upto something that we even remotely are not.

Taking a home loan or a personal loan isn't wrong...but the repayment capacity is what counts the most. Not everything in life is rosy but a thorn born with the rose is better a thorn that is bought with our own money to prick us. We pay heavy interests and still arent intelligent enough to understand that we pay nearly double of what we take at the end of the said tenure!

One fact that I would like to mention here-- an eg to warn people from taking loans erratically unless its inevitable- when its life or death situation.

If you take a loan of say..Rs. 39,000/- at the rate of 23% per annum, and you are paying only [this is according to the marketing agents] Rs. 1580/- per month for 48 months[ which is by the way 4 years]....Do you realise how much you would have paid the bank for that period at the end of 48 months???

48 X 1580 = 75,840/-!! Shocking isnt it???

In this case you are repaying the bank---39,000/- + 36,840/-[extra--as in interest] !!


The interests levied on credit cards are nearly sometimes 49%. This is according to an article in the Economic Times --,flstry-1.cms.

This movie is all about awakening the common public about "PLASTIC MONEY" that is becoming an essential part of our system and which is adopted from the western world.

It is ease of money and transaction you may say. So, use debit cards that are operated through your bank account and hence you will not be spending what you dont earn or have.Use a debit card incase carrying cash is too hard or its too hard to keep track of the expenditure incurred.

EMI movie --Dekho..and please Samjho!!


Music director of the movie is Chirantan Bhatt and the lyrics are written by Hamza Farokhi, Sarim Momin.I loved the title song..the lyrics are damn give your keen ear to it!!

All youngsters please watch this movie for the good of your ownself. Youngistan..its time you woke up to these hard hitting facts.

Have fun watching and learning!!


Suj aka Jo!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Golmaal Returns- Sochna Mana hai!!

Hey all!!

After so many reviews and star cast details and hype, I think its a totally futile discussing the names and roles of the cast and crew.I am direclty going to express my "totally my" opinion!
Firstly the cast-
Kareena...Size zero is absolutely not what you fit urself into. So please put on some weight. You are an actor and so focus on acting rather than getting anoxeric and looking more like a skeleton.
Ajay- Good good! He is as versatile as he has always been. So comments on him!

Arshad Warsi- Bas too good yaar...Chakde phatte!!! Tusi great ho!! Amazing comic timing...but may be he needed some more touch up from the script writer. I had just watched Lage Raho Munna Bhai yesterday, i dont even remember the no of times i have seen it!! So, i think Arshad needed some more better dialogues and screen appearance.

Amrita Arora- Much better with her performance now.But there is some nahi lot of scope for improvement. Babe..sister influence can get you into the industry and so can beauty, but to stick here as an actress you need some acting skills as well. So head to the National School of Drama.[ i know m being harsh..but needs me].

Tusshar Kapoor- Fabulous is all i can say!! His mute acting is far better than when he speaks!!But the ahha--ahh..yeh..aamu aa-aa...simply lovely!! Shak what the....!!hehheh..hillarious!!!

Celina Jaitley- Hmm..ab main kya bolu...she really needs some acting help...and seems quite desparate for it in this movie. Not good for a comedy movie.

In all, a good performance. Considering the amount of hype and reviews being read and pondered, i have less to talk about the story per se...cos there isn't a solid one in the first place.

Ekta Kapoor and her soaps have been the primary target and the whole movie is based on the psyche of "21st century women and the soaps"!

The harsh parts- Sawariya is being ridiculed and in one of Rohit Shetty's interviews on "Face the review" on a TV channel, he claims that it was fun intended and didn't mean any offence to Sanjay Leela Bhansali. much of this is true, is left for Sanjay to decide.

When Rohit was pinned upon the bad music score and only the Golmaal [part-1] song still rings in the head, he said, " I think its quite good. We liked it all".Hmm... a whopping 5 crore has been spent on that action filled song that doesnt even strike the memory chord after watching the movie.
But still Rohit says that whether the reviews star his movie good or bad, he still has movie goers...coming in and watching it in full-swing!! So, essentially the collection is good and is giving every person involved good money. So good for everyone!

Pet bharne ka kaam....but whats happening to the entertainment with brain scenario boss??? Just wondering where our bollywood is heading to!!

Nevertheless a one time watchable movie..but please dont waste tooo much money on multiplexes on weekends...either wait for a DVD or watch it in a small time thetre without spending much.

Watch, laugh a long and forget that you ever had a brain-- leave at the entrance of the theatre and pick it up while you are driving back.Light hearted, no tension movie hai..enjoy karo...cos idhar...Sochna Mana hai!!

Have fun!!
Sujyothi aka Suj

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Maddur Vade!!

Hello my dear friends,

Maddur vade is the most famous and must savoured dish enroute to Mysore from Bangalore and all of the travellers will definitely take a bite at the most famous "Maddur Tiffany's" on the highway.
Its very very simple although it looks very complex!!Here is a try from Amma's chest of treasured delicacies!!

All you need is---

For the dough-

1. Maida-Refined wheat flour- 1 cup
2. Chiroti rava - fine semolina- 1 cup
3. Rice flour- 1 cup
4. Chilli powder - 1 tbl spoon
5. Refined oil- 5 tbl spoons

The Masala-

1. Onions-3 {finely chopped}
2. Green Chillies- 4 chopped
3. Salt- to taste
4. Curry leaves to taste-finely chopped.

Oil for frying.

Serves -4

How to make it????

Mix the masala and keep aside. The salt reacts with the onions and the onions leave water.

Slightly fry the Maida and Rava without oil only to warm it up.

Mix the dough ingredients. By now the masala is ready. Mix all the masala and dough while adding hot oil to it [ 5 tbl spoons of oil that is mentioned in the dough ingredients].

Do not add extra water. Knead the dough like Chapathi dough.
Now flatten them into small round cakes and deep fry them!!

Here is what it will look like!! Best eaten with Chutney and during coffee time with hot Madras
filter coffee!!

Hope you have had fun making and eating it!! This is also my first entry into an event. Hosted by Mansi from Fun and Food Cafe! An entry into the Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations!!!

Do let me know how it was!!
Awaiting your response!!!



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